Rules & Guide

Library Membership at Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia: Your Gateway to a World of Knowledge

  • Rules & Guide

    Depositing your academic work in our library serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it ensures the long-term preservation of your work in a structured and searchable archive, thus providing it with a stable, citable record. Secondly, it increases the visibility of your research, offering an immediate audience comprised of our academic community and extending further through inter-library loan programs and open-access initiatives.

    A. Guidelines

    Before commencing the deposit process, it is essential to acquaint yourself with the library's deposit guidelines.

    B. Library Clearance

    1. Initial Consultation: Schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with the library staff.

    2. Verification: During the consultation, library staff will verify that your work complies with university and library policies.

    3. Clearance Confirmation: Once your work has been verified and approved, you will receive a library clearance.

    C. Submit

    1. For Thesis and Dissertation:

    a. Preparation: Ensure that your thesis or dissertation is formatted according to the university’s style guide.

    b. Metadata Entry: Complete the metadata entry form at a designated computer terminal in the library.

    c. Submission: Upload your thesis or dissertation files along with any supplementary materials to the library's digital repository.

    d. Final Clearance: Obtain final clearance from the library, confirming that your thesis or dissertation has been successfully deposited.

    2. For Papers and Local Content:

    a. Preparation: Ensure your paper or local content is in an acceptable format and has been peer-reviewed if applicable.

    b. Metadata Entry: Similar to the process for theses and dissertations, complete the metadata entry form.

    c. Submission: Upload your paper or local content to the designated section in the library's digital repository.

    d. Final Clearance: Once the upload is successful, you will receive final clearance, indicating that your work has been added to the library's academic collection.