Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia Press

"At UIII, we champion research excellence with a commitment to innovation, diversity, and societal welfare, underpinning our transparent and accountable publishing platform, UIII Press."


Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia is a State University with Legal Entity Status (PTN-BH) that carries out Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi (The university’s three primary purposes), implementation of studies in the context of scientific and policy development and assists the government in conducting a number of diplomatic missions. According to Regulation of Government Number 23 of 2019 concerning the Statute of Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia, UIII has a vision of “creating a better world through postgraduate education and leading research,” one of which the vision is “developing innovative research and contributing to the development of science and public welfare.”

In order to develop research to produce quality research, UIII is committed to organizing research programs that have the character of a balanced combination of the values of religiosity, Indonesianness, and diversity as a paradigm to find the truth and uphold human values. UIII will continue to make the utmost efforts to encourage and facilitate research activities to improve the quality of research and program to be conducted.

Regarding the aforementioned consideration, UIII needs to establish UIII press to meet the needs of book and journal printing within UIII in order to be transparent and accountable.

UIII Press Missions

UIII Press has missions to:

  1. Become a university publisher of excellence and quality nationally and internationally.

  2. Produce quality journals and books.


The purpose of establishing UIII Press is to publish scientific manuscripts, especially those that support higher education, so UIII Press must uphold scientifically academic values, as well as UIII Press prioritizes books written by the UIII academic community.


  1. Reference Book
    Reference books are manuscripts that cover several scientific fields related to Islamic, social and political studies, economics and business, and education with various branches of science.
  2. Popular Scientific Book
    Popular scientific books are manuscripts that contain scientific insights or knowledge. Preparation is based on the reliance of the mind, containing subjective views related to experience and scientific background.
  3. Journal
    Journal is a periodical publication in academic publishing, which is generally in the form of the latest research reports with the aim of advancing science.