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  • Research Guideline

    The Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia Library is not just a repository of books and journals; it is a vibrant ecosystem designed to facilitate scholarly and creative endeavors. This Research Guideline aims to guide students, faculty, and other researchers in making the most of our state-of-the-art facilities to enhance their research process from inception to publication.

    Whether you are engaged in academic research, creative projects, or professional development, the library's diverse and specialized facilities offer a conducive environment for every stage of your work. From the initial stages of literature review and data collection in our Great Reading Hall to the advanced stages of data analysis in our specialized working spaces, you'll find tools and settings perfectly suited to your needs. For those who wish to disseminate their findings, the library's podcast studios and tribunes offer modern platforms for a wider reach.

    This guideline will provide detailed recommendations on how each facility can be used in different phases of your research. Discover how to use the Lounge for brainstorming sessions, the Small Common Room for focused individual work, or the Daycare facility to balance academic and family life.

    Immerse yourself in this comprehensive guide and learn how to elevate your research process by leveraging the unparalleled facilities at the Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia Library.

    This introduction sets the stage for readers to understand the importance of using library facilities to enhance their research projects, offering a glimpse of what the complete guideline will cover.

    Scientific writing handbook

  • Research Tools

    In contemporary scholarly discourse, the confluence of traditional research methodologies and emergent digital technologies has revolutionized the academic landscape. The Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia Library acknowledges this paradigm shift by supplementing its vast array of physical resources with an ensemble of digital tools engineered to optimize research outcomes. Among these, Turnitin and Grammarly stand as instrumental adjuncts, designed to enhance both the veracity and the linguistic quality of scholarly submissions.


    Adherence to academic integrity serves as a cornerstone of scholarly endeavor, ensuring not only the validity of individual contributions but also the collective trust within the academic community. Turnitin functions as an automated originality checker, cross-referencing submitted documents against an expansive corpus of academic publications to identify potential instances of plagiarism. This indispensable tool thus offers a quantifiable measure of originality and acts as a deterrent against unintentional duplication of existing scholarly work.


    Effective communication stands as an underpinning element of scholarly work, ensuring that research findings are conveyed clearly and unambiguously. To this end, Grammarly functions as a computational linguistics tool, deploying algorithms to scrutinize syntactic, grammatical, and stylistic elements within a text. Especially beneficial for researchers for whom English is a second language, and invaluable even for native speakers, Grammarly ensures that academic manuscripts meet rigorous linguistic standards.

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  • Plan your research

    Academic research is an intricate and multifaceted endeavor that often requires a wide array of resources and intellectual support. The Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia Library serves not merely as a repository of academic texts but as an active facilitator in your research journey. This space is meticulously designed to provide holistic support for every phase of your scholarly inquiry, from conceptualization to dissemination. One of the primary resources you can leverage within our library is a research assistant, along with other specialized facilities and digital tools.