Library Membership at Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia: Your Gateway to a World of Knowledge

  • Welcome to the Circulation Services at UIII Library, your go-to resource for borrowing, extending, and returning library materials. Designed with user convenience in mind, our circulation services offer a seamless experience that facilitates your academic and research pursuits. Explore the guidelines below to make the most of our offerings.

  • Circulation Services at Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia Library

    a. Borrowing

    The borrowing process at our library is designed for ease and accessibility. As a registered member, you can borrow a variety of materials, from books and journals to digital media. Simply use your member ID to check out items, and our automated system will handle the rest. Remember, the number of items and the loan period will vary depending on your membership type.

    b. Extending

    Need more time with your borrowed materials? Our extending service allows you to prolong your loan period with just a few clicks through our online portal, or by visiting the library in person. Please note that extensions are subject to availability and other members' reservations.

    c. Returning

    Returning items is a hassle-free experience. Drop off your borrowed materials at the designated return area in the library or use our after-hours drop box for added convenience. Make sure to check for any late fees, as these will need to be settled upon return.