Library Facilities

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  • Facilities at Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia Library

    Our library is more than a place to find books; it is a space where knowledge meets comfort, technology meets tradition, and service meets individual needs. Explore our diverse and specialized facilities:

    a. Lounge

    A welcoming, comfortable space equipped with plush seating and warm lighting, designed for relaxation, light reading, or informal conversations.

    b. Locker Room

    Secure locker rooms allow you to store your personal belongings, providing you the peace of mind to focus on your academic and research endeavors.

    c. Tribunes

    Our tiered seating tribunes offer an interactive space ideal for presentations, lectures, or public readings. Equipped with modern audio-visual facilities, it is a perfect spot for knowledge-sharing events.

    d. Children's Reading Area

    A special area filled with colorful furniture and a rich collection of age-appropriate books to encourage young readers to fall in love with reading from an early age.

    e. Daycare

    Our daycare center provides a safe and fun learning environment for your children, overseen by qualified professionals, enabling you to focus on your studies or research.

    f. Classrooms

    Our multifunctional classrooms are designed for flexibility, providing a suitable environment for workshops, group discussions, and lectures. Each room is well-equipped with modern teaching aids.

    g. Podcast Studios

    Our podcast studios offer professional-grade recording equipment in a sound-proofed environment. Ideal for students and staff interested in creating academic or interest-based podcasts.

    h. Small Common Room

    This quieter, more intimate space is perfect for individual or small group study. It is equipped with comfortable furniture and individual study lamps to suit your study needs.

    i. Great Reading Hall

    A majestic hall featuring an expansive collection of reference materials and a tranquil atmosphere. Skylights and large windows fill the space with natural light, making it an inspiring environment for focused reading and study.

    j. Working Space

    Our working spaces feature modular furniture and are equipped with electrical outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi, offering a conducive environment for project work, research, or individual study.

    k. Corners and Wall of Special Collection

    Our special collections area is a treasure trove of rare books, manuscripts, and specialized academic materials. It offers a unique environment for in-depth research and scholarly work.