Library Membership at Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia: Your Gateway to a World of Knowledge

  • Welcome to the membership program of the Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia (UIII) Library, the epicenter of academic excellence, research, and community development. Whether you are a student, faculty member, researcher, or a passionate lifelong learner, becoming a library member unlocks a treasure trove of resources designed to support your academic and personal growth.

    At the UIII Library, we understand that every inquiry begins with the right resources. That's why our membership provides you with unparalleled access to a vast range of materials, from Islamic manuscripts and scholarly journals to digital databases and cutting-edge technology. But our offerings go beyond just physical and digital assets; as a member, you are welcomed into a vibrant community of scholars, educators, and learners—all committed to the pursuit of knowledge in alignment with Islamic principles and global citizenship.

  • Library Membership Types at Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia

    a. Student Membership

    As a student of Universitas Internasional Islam Indonesia, the library is your academic home away from home. Our student membership is tailored to your unique needs—unlimited book borrowing, access to an expansive collection of academic databases, and spaces designed for individual and group study. This membership is your passport to a comprehensive educational experience.

    b. Lecturer Membership

    For our esteemed faculty, the library offers a rich reservoir of pedagogical tools and research material. This membership provides you with extended loan periods, priority access to new acquisitions, and the ability to reserve seminar rooms for academic discussions. It aims to empower you in your quest for academic excellence and innovative teaching.

    c. Fellow Membership

    Fellows, visiting scholars, and postdocs find a welcoming intellectual environment with this membership. Not only do you gain access to our cutting-edge research facilities and databases, but you can also collaborate with an interdisciplinary community of experts. This membership is designed to provide you with the resources and connections essential for high-impact scholarship.

    d. Staff Membership

    As a member of the UIII staff, you play a critical role in the institution's success. Our staff membership offers you more than just a quiet place to work; you get tailored access to resources that can help you excel in your role. The library becomes an extension of your workspace, enriched with knowledge and serenity.

    e. Alumni Membership

    Graduation is not the end of your journey with UIII; it's a new chapter. With our alumni membership, you continue to have reduced-fee access to selected library resources. Stay up-to-date with the latest research in your field and continue being a part of our intellectual community.

    f. Public Membership

    For members of the public who are passionate about lifelong learning, our library doors are open to you. Your public membership offers you on-site access to select library resources and limited borrowing privileges. This membership is our way of extending the wealth of knowledge housed within our walls to the wider community.